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It’s Summer Vacation… “They’re BA-ACK!”

Whether you’re a teacher or not, the return of summer time brings a time of excitement. The weather’s warm, the grill is hot, the days are long, the nights are electric… So many possibilities…

For parents, it also means the return of the Little People. The ones who leave two tablespoons of milk in the gallon jug and put it back. The ones who forget that, no, you DON’T have to get up at 5:00 am for awhile. The ones who seem to run out of things to do about four days into vacation.

The Little People we out-of-the-home teachers once packed up and sent somewhere else for eight hours a day.

Yes. THOSE Little People.

Alonzo Lerone has collected some hysterical tweets about parenting. Check out this video. Oh, and parents: hide your OJ, stash a roll of toilet paper in your room, stock up on goodies to hide in your closet. They’re BA-ACK!

People say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Parents: you are WARRIORS!

{Editorial Note: We DO love our children. Dearly. And for all of this tongue-in-cheek humor, we wouldn’t trade our roles for anything in the world. Happy summer vacation, friends!}

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Mom of four, Nana to seven, homeschooler, special educator, and lover of all good things... striving to do His work every day.

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