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Summer Tie Dye for All Ages

Summer is Hot… and so is Tie Dye!

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Whether you are teaching summer school, working at a summer camp, continuing homeschool through the summer months or just trying to keep your kids occupied while they’re on vacation, finding inexpensive, fun and worthwhile summer arts and crafts projects can sometimes be a challenge.

Each year, I try to do a tie dye project at home or at summer school. Tie dye is easy, can be very inexpensive to do, and allows you to use the outdoors as your classroom. For teachers (and parent-educators) working with students with disabilities, tie dye projects offer many benefits:

  1. Small motor activity, with all that twisting, wrapping and rubber band work…
  2. Practice following written and/or oral directions in order…
  3. An opportunity to work on patience (with all the waiting)…
  4. Art therapy…
  5. A chance to talk about safety and health (while working with rubber gloves and dyes)…
  6. Cooperative learning activity for kids who need practice working with others.

Read on for directions on how to tie dye a shirt (the directions would apply to any item, really).

How to Tie Dye

Links to Tie Dye Supplies

You can buy tie dye supplies at any art supplies store, or in the arts and crafts section of your local department store. For your convenience, here are links to the products mentioned in this post.
Tulip One-step Tie-Dye Party Kit
Tulip One-Step 5 Color Tie-Dye Kits Ultimate, 1.5oz
Fruit of the Loom Boys' Cotton T-shirts Multi-pack
Alliance Rubber Bands Assorted Dimensions 227G/Approx. 400 Rubber Bands, Multi Color, 1/2 lb


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