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Summer Reflections: June Wrap-up

Looking Back on the End of the School Year
wrapping up June 2018
June brought us through the end of the 2018-29 school year, and into summer… {Image Credit (c) 2017 Kim M. Bennett}

It’s the end of June. So much has happened… so many changes. This month has brought us, in a frenzy, from the classroom or homeschool room, from the resource room or staff lounge, to our homes and the great outdoors. Here’s a look back on a busy month.

“No More Teachers, No More Books…”

In the first half of June, we closed out another calendar year. In The Ritual of Ending the School Year, we reflected on the opportunity for growth presented by gradually letting the old school year go. As we began sorting through the remnants of an academic year, we took some time to sort and file and decrease clutter in Minimalism for Teachers.
summer vacation is here
It’s summer time… time to send those children back to their parents…

“Hot Fun in the Summertime…”

For some of us, closing the classroom door means a couple of months of rest, recharging and much-needed refreshing, and time to reconnect with our own children. In “It’s Summer Vacation… They’re BA-ACK!” we see one comedian’s humorous take on what it’s like for us to spend all that extra time with our own kids. We get some ideas for fun outdoor activities that enrich and amuse kids of all ages in “Getting Outside with Children” and try our hand at some arts and crafts in “Summer Tie Dye for All Ages.” And we learned about online tools for finding free meals and ativities for kids during the summer months in Free Summer Meals in Your Area.
outdoor learning
rest and relaxation
Gardening is a great summer activity for “recovering teachers” and summer scholars! {Image credit (c) 2015, Kim M. Bennett}

Summer Learning Ideas

Many of us continue teaching, in some form, during the summer months. In “Four Bible Study Activities,” we learn four techniques for engaging tweens and teens in Bible studies at home or in places of worship. Many of us who homeschool continue the school year into the summer ~”Homeschool Ideas: ‘A Child’s Garden‘”links us to my homeschool nature study posts for summer ideas.

Looking Ahead to 2019-20…

I know I’m not the only teacher who has taken a teacher’s edition to the beach… am I? Even as we’re unwinding from one school year, we start thinking about the next one. We start pulling out textbooks we think we want to use the next year (“The Tao of Choosing a Textbook“) and start pondering strategies we want to use in the coming year (“Ten Strategies to Jump-Start the Reluctant Writer“).

Taking Care of Yourself, Too…

No matter what we do in the summer, we take precious time to care for ourselves. In “Simple Daily Habits to Ignite Your Passion for Teaching,” we get ideas for filling our empty cup so we bring our best selves back to the classroom in the fall. It’s going to be a great year, 2019-20…
summer vacation
beach time
Refresh… recharge… reconnect… it’s summer time. {Image credit (c) 2018, Kim M. Bennett}

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