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Bible Memorization: Helpful Resources for Working with Kids

{Originally posted at “On Planting Seeds,”  October 2, 2012, This post contains affiliate links}

Memorizing Bible Scriptures

I discovered a great addition to our home Bible study tools on Pinterest.

Hubbard’s Cupboard has downloadable resources that can be used to help your kids (and you!) memorize important Scriptures:

  • Joyful Heart Tune Charts: Colorful drawings and key scriptures, set to familiar childhood tunes.
  • Joyful Heart Bible Verse Charts: These look like the tune charts, without reference to the tune.
  • Joyful Heart Bible Verse Copywork: Primary or regular ruled lines, with the Scripture at the top.
  • Joyful Heart Bible Verse Strips: The words of the Scripture, to cut out and re-order to create the text.

Also included are ideas on how to create Scripture binder, “Go-Fish” style card games and other activities, using these four resources.

Our Bible Study Plan

We used Genesis through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt in Grade 6, then Joshua through Malachi and Ancient Greece in Grade 7,  by Sonya Shafer at Simply Charlotte Mason. There are suggested readings and activities for the whole family, as well as grade-appropriate tasks — truly a one size fits all program. I love the way it intertwines Bible reading, the history of the lands and people of the Bible, and supportive reading from both historical fiction and non-fiction sources.

The core text is, of course, the Bible. We have used The Everyday Life Bible, by Joyce Meyer (click on the photo for ordering information), but use whatever bible you have at home. Some folks recommend a study bible, which includes explanations of the geographical, social and political background of the readings. Others say the Bible should stand true all by itself. It’s really up to your personal preference.

As we go through the Bible, I am printing out the associated resources (if any) from Hubbards’ Cupboard, or using my own narration activities.

Finally, we are creating a Child Training Bible.

See my Pinterest Board, Home Bible Studies, for more ideas.

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