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Notebooking and Journaling: Powerful Learning Tools for All Students

I have used interactive notebooks as a teacher and homeschooler, for over a decade. What a difference they have made for my students!

As a homeschooler and classroom teacher, I’ve depended on Productive Homeschooling for providing me with high-quality notebook and journal pages on so many subjects.

For a limited time, get lifetime access to the entire library of notebook pages and e-books, plus make your own notebook pages with the web-based Page Generation Tool, for $20 off the usual subscription price.

Debra Reed has spent years developing this library. Here’s her story…

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LESS Busywork. MORE Learning.

If you’re struggling with busywork or inconsistency, narration and notebooking can help build you a more enriching, engaging, and effective homeschool.

If you’ve watched our video, you know we started our notebooking journey with notebooking templates. These templates gave the kids a “framework” that helped them organize their written and visual content on the page.

At that time, 5 of our kids were notebooking. I made 100 different page layouts with different borders and clip-art so no 2 kids had to have the same page and they would have a variety of options for weeks. These templates made notebooking more convenient and were less intimidating than just a blank piece of paper.

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As time went on, I shared our notebooking pages with other homeschoolers and soon we had MANY requests for topical pages, themed pages, pages with different line options. That’s when we launched our first website. That was 2006.

We now offer 1000s of topical and themed pages and the library continues to grow. And, some umpteen years later, notebooking pages are now a common supplementary resource for many popular curricula.

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So, if you’re struggling with busywork, inconsistency,
or even a lack of organization in your homeschool …

And you want the
notebooking can provide …

Check out our ProSchool Membership
and the online computer programs
we’ve built to help you.

It’s time for a more confident, relaxed,
and productive homeschool.

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The ProSchool Membership is a library of 1000s of topical, themed, and bordered notebooking pages and homeschool helps/tutorials.

Categories of notebooking pages include:

  • 3D Notebooking & Mini-Book System
  • A-Z Topical Pages
  • Basic Lined Pages & Borders
  • Bible Pages
  • Character Study Pages
  • Copywork Themed Sets
  • Famous People Sets (Artists, Composers, Explorers, Presidents and more)
  • Geography (both US & World)
  • History & Timeline Sets (for all time periods)
  • Literature Study Pages
  • Nature Study Sets (animals, plants, and more)
  • Science Sets (anatomy, astronomy, and more)

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The membership also includes the
ProSchool Page Generator …

an online computer program that quickly generates customized notebooking templates for ANY topic you desire.  If we don’t have a topic, add it to one of our notebooking sets with the Page Generator!

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ProSchool Members have access to ALL of our

  • printables
  • notebooking pages
  • homeschool helps/tutorials
  • & the Page Generator online computer program. 

Everything you download or create is yours to keep
(even if you cancel your membership). 

Save NOW during our Back-to-School Sale!

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SAVE $20

ProSchool LIFETIME Membership
… including the
Page Generator program


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Come join us in the ProSchool Membership!

-Debra Reed
Productive Homeschooling

Homeschooling that’s engaging, effective, & enjoyable
doesn’t have to be complicated.

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